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Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

With an equal focus technology and business, CIO Options can either work with you to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for evaluating and integrating these technologies, or evaluate your current plan.

The creation, maintenance and testing of a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is a complex undertaking. Simply put, the plan details how a company will maintain critical business activities in the event of a disaster. It is also important to note that the existence of a well thought out BCP/DR is one of the requirements of the Sarbannes Oxely Act.

Disasters can take many forms, earthquake, flood, fire or a exploding sprinkler head in the computer room. A well thought out business continuity plan can mean the difference between your business's survival and failure in the event of a crisis.

Because business continuity is not just an “IT issue” CIO Options consultants take a holistic approach and work with clients (including HR, Facilities, Accounting/Finance, as well as IT) to determine the critical business activities which must be maintained in the event of a disaster, and then work to develop the plan (technical and operational) to make sure that they are. Often this involves a set of options with cost trade-offs and can require knowledge of a wide variety of innovations such as Cloud Computing.

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